If you're planning an event and looking at all the print finish options for your invitations or stationery, it can be a little overwhelming with so many different options and designer terminology. We're here to make your event or wedding planning journey as simple and fun as possible, so we have broken down our most popular print finishes to help you decide which is best suited to you.


Luxury Printing vs Standard Budget Printing

We are so proud of the quality of invitations and stationery we produce but we understand that everyone has different budgets when it comes to their printing and events. This is why we offer two options for printing; Luxury Printing (our crème de la crème when it comes to print results) and Standard Budget Printing (the budget friendly option that's still great quality, but on a lower scale). 

Please note that Standard Budget Print is Digital Print only (see below for more info on Digital Printing).


Text Only vs Graphic Based Designs

If you are after a design that is text only or primarily text with a small amount of graphics (pictures or images), we recommend our luxury printing option where possible. 

For graphic heavy designs, meaning that the main design is primarily graphics like a busy background (such as a child's birthday party invitation) or a solid colour background, we recommend our standard budget friendly option.



We have access to a huge variety of cardstock for printing your invitations or stationery, both coloured and white. Cardstock is thicker and more durable than regular paper which you might find at home. Most cardstocks range in weight (referred to as GSM) from 280-350GSM and beyond. 

It is also possible to 'duplex' cardstock, which means it's two pieces of cardstock stuck together, to create a cardstock that is double the thickness (additional cost). 

Our cardstock that we work with for our luxury printing is coloured right through the paper, which means that the back, and the edges, are all coloured (in the same colour).

Our standard budget friendly option is white and colour is added to create a colour on the paper, so the edges and back are white (unless there is a design on the back).



With printing, it takes the same amount of effort for our printers to set up to print x5 pieces than it does to set up x500 pieces. so prices for quantities vary depending on how many pieces you print.  Obviously they prefer to print more rather than less, so the more you print, the cheaper it is per piece.
Please note that quantities less than x50 are at a much higher price bracket than under x50, so we recommend a x50 minimum where possible. 


Die Cutting and Shapes

Die Cutting refers to the process of cutting a piece of cardstock into a shape after it’s been printed. The shape can range from an arch, half arch, double arch, circle and more.

Die Cutting adds an additional fee (a printers cost, not our cost) but is completely worth it! As with our quantity minimums, this is also cheaper the more you get and can add from .81c to each piece.

You can also add round corners for a very small fee too and it is one of the most understated options!

Please note that we cannot diecut any of our Standard Budget prints.

Minimum Quantity: x50


Price Guide 

Due to the custom nature of our business, we do not offer price lists as we don't offer a 'one size fits all' approach. Every project is custom designed and made, which is the beauty of working with Bambi. Every project will range in pricing depending on print finishes, quantities and more.
We have however outlined how each printing method sits in comparison with the other in terms of pricing.

Digital Print $
White Ink Print $-$$
Letterpress $$$
Embossing $$$
Foil $$$$
Print Finishes
Digital Printing

Digital Printing is the most affordable and easiest form of printing. It is either black, or any coloured (excluding white) ink printed onto any medium. 

You can stick with the basic black on white or coloured cardstock from our range. This is the best form of printing for anything with graphics.

Minimum Print Quantity: x2


White Ink Printing

White Ink Printing is undoubtedly my favourite method of printing. It's so affordable but it gives off such an impressionable finish.

This is the method of printing purely white ink on a coloured cardstock, generally a darker colour, such as black. Please note that white ink can only be printed on shades of cardstock that are darker (to ensure it's legible) but please check with us if you'd like us to show you some options.

Minimum Print Quantity: x2



Luxury, Luxury, Luxury.

Letterpress is so absolutely gorgeous, but it's one of those bigger ticket items. 

Letterpress printing has become a go-to printing technique for wedding invitations, greeting cards, and business cards for anyone hoping to make an impression on the recipient.

Letterpress is a more complex printing method that involves  pressing your design into a thick cardstock (with or without ink) to give a luxurious, pillowy effect.

It's traditionally done on cotton stocks as it gives the deepest impression. We don’t recommend using light coloured inks on dark stocks - we prefer to use darker ink on light paper because that is what gets the best results.

Letterpress can be done on stocks that are 300gsm+, but the thicker the stock, the deeper the impression will be. We recommend going with a duplexed (600gsm+) cardstock for best results.

Minimum Print Quantity: x50



Embossing is achieved the same way as letterpress, but from behind and without ink. 

Minimum Print Quantity: x50


Hot Foil Printing

The fanciest and priciest of all printing finishes, but totally worth it!

Hot foil pressing (or stamping) is a process whereby metallic foil is applied to the surface of the stock using heat & pressure. The result? A truly stunning effect that pulls out details of the design in a metallic or coloured sheen. 

Minimum Print Quantity: x50



We offer a range of extra's that can give your invitations class and personality! We have a range of luxury paperclips, silk ribbons, belly bands (a piece of printed paper that wraps around your cardstock) and more. 


Still not sure what's the best fit for you?

We have a beautiful Stationery Sample Pack available on our online store so you can see and feel the real thing before making your big decisions.