The above colours are available via our permanent colour range. This means that they are always readily available - unless out of stock with our supplier. If you place an order with an out of stock colour, we will contact you if you and offer the closest available alternative or hold your order until more stock arrives. 

We offer three ranges of colours; our base selection, mirror selection and signature selection. Please note that not all colour options will apply to all products/options.

Our Signature Selections is available in six colourways. This material is different to our normal acrylic. It is a durable 2 ply material that has two layers, a base colour and a top layer colour. Our machine engraves the top layer to reveal the base colour, therefore creating a beautiful two-tone finish which is perfect for lettering and high detailed designs.

Additional colours are available via custom order. We require a minimum two weeks notice to get a colour in for you, and a surcharge to cover shipping to us will apply. If you are interested in a custom colour, please contact us prior to placing your order to discuss what is available. 

Please note that colours will vary from screen to screen and product to product, as well as photo's due to lighting and editing. If you're unsure about a colour, we recommend ordering a sample colour to be sure. 

We also recommend taking note of the following:

  • For filled items (where an item is engraved and filled for a flat text effect), such as our milestone sets, we recommend selecting a matte finish option.
  • Our 'latte' shade throws a pink tinge in real life - please keep this in mind if you are sticking to something gender neutral or for a boy
  • We recommend avoiding the gloss or mirror finish for an item with a big space that will be photographed - for example a pregnancy announcement - as you may see reflections in the photograph. We recommend this for a larger space only such as the sign colour - text in mirror or gloss are fine. 
  • For any item that is used in every day life or often - such as a keyring - gloss and mirror is more susceptible to scratching, so we recommend sticking to matte if you are concerned about long term quality. 
  • Our mirror acrylic has a grey plain backing, we recommend avoiding using acrylic mirror in any double sided designs or designs you are concerned about seeing the back of.