We strive to keep our design process as simple as possible. Below is brief outline of what you can expect during a custom design project with us. 

1. Online or Face to Face Consultation and Brief.

2. Proposal and Project Terms and Conditions supplied from Bambi Design to Client.

3. Proposal adjusted and/or approved along with Project Terms and Conditions.

4. Invoice for full quoted amount is issued to the Client with 50% deposit details included. This invoice acts as the final invoice, and details the amount due upon completion of the project.

5. Deposit submitted by Client and received by us.

6. Work commences on the project - please note that no design will commence until deposit is received.

7. Initial draft design is provided to Client from us for review/adjustments and/or approval. This process may occur a few times for final approval. Keep in mind that the quicker you provide feedback and changes, the quicker the design process will be. 

8. Approval is granted from Client for us to proceed. 

9. If your project involves:

a) Printed Stationery Outsourced: We will create your final print files and place your print order.

b) Digital Files Only: We will create your final files and proceed to step 12. After payment is received, your digital files will be sent to you.

c) In-House Items such as Acrylic: We will prepare your design for acrylic cutting and cut in house.

11. Your project/items are quality checked, photographed and packaged.

12. We request invoice remainder to be arranged and paid by Client.

13. Once payment is received by us, postage or delivery is arranged.