Proposals & Quotes
  1. All price proposals and quotes are valid for 30 days from the date provided on the proposal.
  2. If you would like to accept the proposal and commence your quoted project, a 50% non-refundable deposit must be paid before any work can commence. Payment can be made via EFT to the bank details provided once an invoice has been raised, and will be deducted from your final invoice. Please note that no work will commence until your deposit or proof of deposit has been received.
  1. If you would like to cancel your project after a deposit has been paid, please note that your deposit will be forfeited.

Once a deposit is paid, you agree to enter into a binding contract with The Bambi Base to commit to the quoted project. This means, that once a deposit is paid and the work commences, payment for the full quoted project is required. If work commences and/or is completed by us and you no longer require the project, you are still liable to make payment for the quote in full.

  1. Final payment will be required before printed material or final digital files are supplied. Our team will forward you an invoice for payment and our invoice terms are strictly 7 days for payment. 
  2. Additional charges may apply for any changes made to the brief once the quote has been accepted or if you require your project to be escalated.


To accept your proposal, please email to request an invoice with deposit details.

By making a deposit payment, you accept the proposal provided to by The Bambi Base and agree to the binding Terms and Conditions supplied.


Time Frames
  1. We endeavour to have all projects completed within 14 – 20 business days (2 – 4 weeks) or timelines discussed.
  2. If your project is urgent to meet necessary deadlines, fee’s may apply to escalate your project. This is generally 10-20% of your quoted project.
  3. Responding quickly to our emails will speed up the process. If however, there is a lack of communication from the client, your designs may expire.
  4. Providing adequate information in the concept discussion phase will speed up design production times.


Design Copyright
  1. All designs remain the property of The Bambi Base until your project is paid for in full.
  2. Any concepts or drafts not approved or confirmed by the client remain property of The Bambi Base. Any non-confirmed designs may be redesigned or used as inspiration for future design projects.
  3. Any use of any designs sent in draft or not paid for, used by the client will incur legal action.



We offer AfterPay and Payment Plans for all of our items and services. Fee's apply. If you would like to access one of these options, please contact our team for more information.